A flurry of flowers astounds as an ogress tries to bite into a wooden table, while dancers, emerging from a trompe-l’oeil projection, skim, whirl, intertwine, attempt the impossible…

At times burlesque, at others athletic, but always in dance form, Like the 5 Fingers on Your Hand is truly an adventure for the senses. Music, scents, textures, tastes and images convene in an uproarious celebration of perception. Divided into tableaux, the dance consists of a series of situations especially conceived to stimulate in a playful way the boundless emotions of audiences comprised of children between 3 and 9 years of age. The comic images, choreography, situations, even the changes of scenery, are all devised to illustrate how our five senses allow us a renewed discovery of our environment, whether in the course of our daily life… or when the unexpected occurs!

Conceived and choreographed by Hélène Langevin, Like the 5 Fingers on Your Hand brings together artists widely renowned for infusing their work with playful and colourful dimensions. What’s more, there’s the profound video work by Michel Giroux, the highly elegant, colourful costumes and scenery by Linda Brunelle, the off-kilter and unassuming music of Michel F. Côté, and the rollicking lighting by Andre Rioux. Small wonder the artists–Nathalie Blanchet, Elinor Fueter, Manuel Roque and Lucie Vigneault–have just the right setting to exploit their talent to the fullest, be it in dance, theatre or acrobatics… all the more for us to enjoy!

This work was a 2005 finalist for the Prix RIDEAU in the “Touring” category.

“The children join in, they laugh outloud, and it’s absolutely grand.”
C’est bien meilleur le matin, Première chaîne/SRC

“This latest choreography from Hélène Langevin, founder of Bouge de là, is simply one of the best works for young audiences that I have ever seen. Children aged 4 to 10 will adore the playful elements addressed directly to them, and the piece is in itself an irresistible introduction to the world of dance. It’s like La La La Human Steps mixed with the”gracious” hippopotamus ballet from Fantasia.”
La Presse

“A most charming experience… To captivate the children’s attention, the emphasis is puton the humoristic – even clown-like – aspects of certain passages of the choreographyt hat are filled with acrobatic energy… and it really works. It has vigour, rhythm, and energyt hat a young audience cannot and will not resist. The children join in, they laugh outloud, and it’s absolutely grand. For kids aged 3-10, it’s the perfect introduction to the genre !”
C’est bien meilleur le matin, Première chaîne de Radio-Canada

“The new piece, Like the 5 Fingers on Your Hand, explores the five senses in a tone that is always playful, athletic, energetic, mischievous and even clowning around… all the while, never losing sight of its raison d’être, that is, an introduction to contemporary dance.”
Aux arts, etc, Chaîne culturelle de Radio-Canada

“Do your children a favour–take them to see Like the 5 fingers on Your Hand. It’s completely charming! It’s full of life, it’s contagious! Choreography by Hélène Langevin, set to the most joyous music by Michel F. Côté.”
Montréal ce soir, Radio-Canada Television 

“For the duration of this 45-minute performance of contemporary dance, the kids in theaudience truly enjoy themselves–because it’s really funny, and because it’s intelligent. Certain passages, quite impressionistic, are sure to leave an indelible mark on a young imagination. My 2 1/2 year-old daughter couldn’t open her eyes wide enough to take it allin. Her attention was riveted to the stage the whole time, and an earthquake couldn’t have stopped her from being the last to leave the theatre, admiring these amazing performers the whole time.”

“I brought my two-year-old son to see Like the 5Ffingers on YourHhand. The performance was at 2:00 p.m., which is usually his naptime. The inventiveness and drive in the piece kept him wide awake… and woke up the child that was sleeping in me, too. This is dance at its simplest, at once touching, entertaining and educational.”

200 performances of Like the 5 Fingers on Your Hand were held from 2003 to 2008.

Rehearsal Mistress

LINDA BRUNELLE (Set Design and Costumes)
MICHEL F. CÔTÉ (Music and Collage)
ANDRÉ RIOUX (Lighting)

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