Established in 2000 by Hélène Langevin, Bouge de là creates and performs prime quality dance pieces for young audiences and develops a multitude of cultural mediation activities that promote dance. The company remains one of the rare professional dance companies in Québec devoted exclusively to creating dance presentations for children—and its action is deployed nationally and internationally.

By fusing dance with other artistic disciplines (video, theatre, shadow play), the company offers contemporary dance performances full of humour and poetry. It has eight works in its repertoire: La Tribu Hurluberlu (2000), Like the 5 Fingers on your Hand (2003), CHUT!! (2005), Old Thomas and the Little Fairy (2008), The Studio (2010), Bedtime! (2013), The 26 Letter Dance (2016) and Through my Eyes (2018).

In 2017, Bouge de là launched 26 cartes à danser, a unique educational and artistic initiative that is very popular with the school community and families and has also crossed the borders of Quebec to find itself elsewhere in Canada and in Europe.


Through my Eyes

Contemplative, playful and graphic, Hélène Langevin’s latest creation invites audiences to see the world afresh through the eyes of the child who discovers and explores.

3 years and up / 40 minutes

An interactive, multidisciplinary alphabet primer, The 26 Letter Dance is a journey into the world of letters and words.

4 years and up / 60 minutes.