José Flores

José Flores

Émilie Wilson

© Mari Photographe

José Flores graduated from the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal (EDCM) in 2017 and is co-founder of the CORPUS Collective, with which he appeared on the TV show Révolution. 

After completing his studies, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Fever, which ran for two consecutive summers in Quebec City and Montréal, and was also part of the Just for Laughs production of Mamma Mia. He has worked with choreographer Ismaël Mouaraki’s dance company Destins Croisés, with which he performed oZe, for young audiences in France, and Phenomena at Agora de la danse. 

José Flores is passionate about movement through dance and hopes to continue to explore dance in all its complexity, whether as a performer, choreographer or teacher.