Phrasé collectif

Phrasé collectif

This year, Bouge de  is once again inviting you to transform words into movement by participating in our creative process, alongside artistic director Hélène Langevin and her performers! 

Taking part in Phrasé collectif 2021 couldn’t be easier: send us some inspiring words!
The purpose? To create a dance composition inspired by your words, which will be unveiled online on Friday November 26th, 2021! 


Cultural mediation workshops in Montréal-Nord

As the beneficiary of a permanent artist residency at the Maison culturelle et communautaire de Montréal-Nord (MCCMN) since 2008, Bouge de  develops all of its shows in this creative venue and holds a number of cultural mediation activities there each year. 

The amount raised by Phrasé collectif 2021 – with an objective of $7000 – will be added to the amount of $4196 raised during the 2020 campaign. These funds will allow us to finance a turnkey cultural action project that we will be offering to four primary school classes in the local area that have had little or no contact with the world of dance. By giving children the chance to get involved during our residencies, it will give them the opportunity to be a part of the creative process of our next show for young audiencesGlitch. 

Phrasé collectif 2021 will help fund school transport for children to and from the MCCMN, allowing us to connect with primary schools that are geographically distant from the venue. Your donations will have a direct impact on the accessibility of these workshops and on the scope of the project, as they will enable us to connect schools outside the network usually covered by our creative activities


Support initiatives that help nurture children’s imagination

This kind of creative exchange between children and artists is a valuable part of the social development of the youngest members of society and helps engender a sense of fulfilment. They will enjoy a unique experience designed to develop their artistic sensitivity and understanding of the creative steps in a professional production.  

Children will have the opportunity to:

  • attend rehearsals with our creative team;
  • discuss the dramatic direction and dance compositions proposed by the company;
  • discover the world of choreography and performance;
  • learn about stage accessories (lighting, scenery, lasers and smoke machines);
  • discover what goes on backstage;
  • dance with our dancers;
  • give their creativity free rein!


A priceless gift for children

As well as being a fun activity for children, our workshops are an opportunity to develop a number of transferable skills that are just as important in a child’s educational progress as more discipline-specific skills. They help children to develop their interpersonal skills, thus also playing a role in the development of thinking, but not only that, research has shown that they are top of the list when it comes to accounting for educational success! 

Our project acts as a catalyst to kickstart their creative and critical thinking, provides a space where problem-solving skills are put into practice, and where they will learn to communicate appropriately and to co-operate with one another. Since they are encouraged to dance and to express themselves using the dramatic techniques taught by our creative team, this learning experience will be particularly beneficial in building self-esteem and forming their identity as individuals. Finally, these children will enjoy the benefits of dance and can begin to develop, among other things, their kinaesthetic and spatial intelligence, as well as their co-ordination.  


I enjoyed doing the same movements as the dancers. Normally, I don’t like dance, but I loved this! Really cool to come here during school. Can we come back tomorrow? Jérémie, grade 5, école Sainte-Gertrude, Montréal-Nord

“At the end of our first residence, right after the public presentation, a group of six children joined us on stage with every intention of creating a shiva like the one during the show. So we helped them, lent them our stage glasses and had a photo session. It was an extraordinarily creative and artistic exchange! Myriam Tremblay, dancer, Bouge de là

7 300$ of 7 000$ raised

How to take part?

How to take part?

1) Decide on the amount you want to donate


2) Depending on the amount you choose, you will be able to offer us a word or number of words, according to the guide below: 
    • 1 word for $25
    • 2 words for $50
    • 3 words for $75
    • 4 words for $100
    • 6 words for $135 
    • 7 words for $150
    • 8 words for $160 and above!
3) Choose the word or words that will inspire our new dance composition!
    • You can choose up to 8 words but there is no limit to how much you can donate!
4) Share it on your social networks


5) Give children the chance to enjoy a unique experience with our artists!

Whether your words or those of your children, we look forward to reading and being inspired by them!

And, as an added BONUS: if you send three words or more, you will receive a personalized video of your words danced by our performers!


This year, Bouge de  has designed two package deals to suit your needs and make your participation even more fun!


Offer your loved ones the gift of dancing words!

This year, you can offer three words to someone close to you in exchange for a donation of $100. What does that involve? Our artistic director and our performers will create a personalized video using these words, which will be sent directly to the chosen person’s inbox! 

And of course, you will receive a donation receipt and a letter of thanks in exchange. 

I want to offer words!


Businesses, double your bets! 

Bouge de  is inviting businesses and companies to become part of our mission and to contribute to all our cultural mediation activities for the duration of the artistic season. Your significant contribution will allow us to provide a huge range of activities that promote the cognitive, emotional and social development of our young ones, all across Quebec. 

Your commitment to our mission will be proudly displayed for all to see, on all our platforms.  

See our corporate package (french only)

To sign up for our corporate package, contact directly at

For you

For you

Your support will enable dozens of children in the Montréal-Nord area to have an unforgettable backstage experience!

As an expression of appreciation for your generosity, we will: 

  • acknowledge your donation on our Facebook page, our website and in the final choreography video;  
  • send you a link to this video via e-mail – so you can enjoy the premiere of the dance composition before everyone else; 
  • keep you posted with news on the progress of this magnificient project and the children involved! 

A tax receipt will be issued for donations of $25 or more.

Thank you to our generous donors!

Thank you

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