Gabrielle Surprenant-Lacasse

Gabrielle Surprenant-Lacasse

Émilie Wilson

© Hélène Langevin

Gabrielle Surprenant-Lacasse obtained a diploma from UQAM in 2010. During her career she has worked with many artists, including Louise Bédard, Geneviève Caron-Ferron, Bettina Szabo, Anouk Thériault, Katia-Marie Germain, George Stamos, Élodie and Séverine Lombardo, Sarah Dell’Ava and Marilyne St-Sauveur.

At the heart of her work as a performer, teacher and choreographer is her belief in the necessity of dance and the doors it opens to others and to the self. As a teacher, she has developed a great interest in the teaching of contemporary dance, both to children and adults getting involved in dance for the first time.

In 2021, Gabrielle staged Géante, her first solo creation as both choreographer and performer. She joined Bouge de là in 2014 when she was invited to take part in research for The 26 Letter Dance (2016). She subsequently performed as a stand-in in 2019.