The mission of Bouge de là is to create and perform high quality dance pieces for young audiences and to develop a wide range of cultural mediation activities that promote dance.  

Always placing the child at the core of its approach, the organization’s mandate is as follows:  

  • Create, develop and perform fun and up-to-date shows aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old; 
  • Introduce as many children as possible to dance and self-expression through movement;
  • Give children the desire to explore movement through experiences of dance in which they can be happy and comfortable with themselves and with others;  
  • Promote greater access to dance activities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds; 
  • Host cultural mediation workshops in primary schools and in the community; 
  • Promote the teaching of dance and highlight its benefits for physical and mental health; 
  • Help develop and increase recognition of dance for young audiences both at home and abroad.  

Make an impact

Make an impact


artistic education and get thousands of children accross Canada dancing.


children’s artistic sensitivity and creative development.


dance and help a broad and diverse public discover movement. 

Contribution to Bouge de là help support:

Dance workshops in schools

The 4,067 cultural mediation workshops we have presented in schools have given 66,841 children special insight into dance and their own creativity.  

Un jeu pédagogique unique

 26 cartes à danseris a game that teaches expression through movement. It is currently the only educational tool in French designed to introduce children to dance.  

Quality professional shows

Recognized for their exceptional quality, the company’s eight shows geared towards young audiences have been seen by more than 300,000 people. 


Tours in Québec and beyond

Our shows have gone on the road to about a hundred cities and towns across the country and have also been presented in China and Mexico.  

A dance boot camp in Montréal-Nord

Since 2008, we have been offering a dance boot camp to children in Montréal-Nord during spring break.  

Core values

We strive to reduce our energy footprint, promote collaboration and address the needs of our performers.  

Become a regular donor

Regular donor

Excited about our approach and what we’re offering? Want to express your support for future activities?  

Join the movement and contribute to our mission by making regular donations to Bouge de là.   

With every monthly donation of $5 or more per month, each year you will receive a donation receipt and a letter of thanks and your name will appear on the BDL website. 

Several exclusive benefits will be announced in the future.